The UN just published its first ever environmental synthesis report, with the expectedly scary title “Making Peace With Nature: A scientific blueprint to tackle the climate, biodiversity and pollution emergencies.” That’s right, now there are (hyperbolically) three emergencies, not just the climate one. In fact according to the UN we now have a “Planetary Crisis”. Not really.

Here is how the UN Secretary-General nonsensically puts it in the Forward to the report:

Humanity is waging war on nature. This is senseless and suicidal. The consequences of our recklessness are already apparent in human suffering, towering economic losses and the accelerating erosion of life on Earth.

In fact people are generally better off than ever before, with many developing countries successfully emerging from poverty. The only towering economic losses are those from the Covid panic. For that matter Covid is nature’s attack on us. Nature can be deadly.

Normally this green bullroar would be of little interest, but this time the UN actually lays out some specific policies. Two of these reveal just how anti-human the green movement really is.

First we get 100 pages of planetary crisis, the usual litany of computer projected horrors to come. Then on Page 102 we find eight “Key areas for transformations change.” Most of these are the usual empty, feel good stuff, but two are not. Here they are:

2. Consumption, population and waste: Reduce the negative global effect of human needs and demand – a function of consumption and production rates, population size, and waste – by reducing per capita consumption and production in some regions and human population growth in others.“ (Emphasis added)

“4. Inequalities: Systematically reduce inequalities in income and other forms, including across gender, race and class.” (Emphasis added)

This doctrine is not new and it has a name: Contraction and Convergence. In some cases the term refers to emission levels but in this case the basic idea is very simple. The developed economies like America are to contract by reducing per capita consumption and production. The poorest countries are allowed to improve a bit, but every economy on Earth is supposed to then converge to a single (low) standard of living. I am not making this up.

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  1. Very good the lay out and the information as well. It gives the total picture. Thank you for your job , let’s spread it around.

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